Circulating Ideas Interview

Steve Thomas was kind enough to have me on his excellent podcast, Circulating Ideas, to talk about project management. You can listen to the episode here. Steve also currently has a kickstarter running to create transcripts of all the wonderful interviews he has done over years. There are a wealth of interviews with librarians from a vast array of backgrounds covering all sorts of topics. It’s really a wonderful resource for librarians and having them in transcript and ebook form would be a great. If you can, consider supporting his efforts here.

Having made a go at running a podcast gave me first hand experience on how difficult and time consuming it can be. This is probably why Mindy and I only hit about 8 episodes over the course of a year (if you are curious, I recently moved everything here). I have the utmost respect for Steve and what he’s been able to accomplish with Circulating Ideas. So please, even if it’s only a couple dollars, go and support his podcast.


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