Conferences, Presentations, and Workshops

I’ve fallen a bit behind on the blog lately as my last couple weeks have been a blur of workshops, preparing for an upcoming conference, and not making as much progress on my presentation I should be. Things should get back to normal once the conference is wrapped up next week.

The conference in question is the Ex Libris Users of North America Annual Meeting in Minneapolis. If you happen to be going and see me please say hi, I’d love to chat. And if you’re so inclined I’ll be giving a presentation about moving our locally hosted discovery system to the cloud (if I ever finish it). That will be on Sunday, May 8th at 2:00 pm in the Elk Lake room.

I’m also starting to prepare for a more general ‘what librarians should know about project management’ type talk later this year. This is proving a more challenging than I’d originally thought it would be. This is mostly because I could probably yammer on about project management for an entire day (just go listen to my Circulating Ideas interview). So I thought why not just ask directly:

What is it you’d like to know more about in the realm of project management?

Let me know and I’d be more than happy to also answer specific questions should you have any.


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